It Doesn’t Have To Take A Whole Lot To Say Something Special


I believe in making the most of what you already have in your care.  Nothing you have should be overlooked nor valued at less than its true worth even if all you have are a couple of pennies at a particular moment. I aim to prove that you can do a lot more than you first thought with only, let’s say, 24 cents in your pocket.  In fact, if you use those few cents wisely, you can sincerely express to a love one the most earnest expression of love.  Arthur Ashe, a famous tennis player, realize this long before my time.  And his sentiments are embodied in his famous quote,  “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”  You don’t have to make a big deal about your struggles but you should always make the most of them – learning what you can and moving forward with whatever you have left and holding on to your ability to love.

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Cameras are the ultimate puzzles.


Cameras are multidimensional devices that serve as solutions to the problem of capturing interesting moments to serve our memories, to report events of every nature and to indulge our appreciation for art. They are the ultimate puzzles.  In some ways, they remind me of the Rubiks Cube.  With the Rubiks cube,  we have a picture of it having 9 squares of like colors on all six sides and we solve for this image we have in mind.  The same applies to the camera.   Once I have a picture in mind, I make the necessary adjustments to the lens and to one or more features on the camera itself – f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO. All the while, I am making the most of the available lighting and/or adding more. The camera is rolled, pitched and yawed until everything is perfect. I press the button, examine the shot and repeat. And each new shot requires a new solution. It never gets old.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is presentation.


We share the same surroundings.  Although we see common sights, we tend to focus on different things. This is why I enjoy photography so much.  It’s my chance to share the details that win my attention and it is also my chance to present the ordinary things in what I hope to be an extraordinary way.  Whether I have my camera in hand or not, I am taking pictures.  I am taking mental pictures of our fascinating world; a world that we are oftentimes too busy to enjoy.  This wasn’t always true.  As children, we would take the time to make smiley faces with our Cheerios. We would watch raindrops slowly roll down a window pane.  And we would follow with our curious eyes tiny specks as they sparkled light while briefly floating through a ray of sunshine passing through our bedroom window during naptime.  Despite not having the free time, we never grow to old for these details.  And my aim as a photographer is to wow the kid that is still in you while using techniques such as photojournalism, portraiture and fashion art for my presentation.