Cameras are the ultimate puzzles.


Cameras are multidimensional devices that serve as solutions to the problem of capturing interesting moments to serve our memories, to report events of every nature and to indulge our appreciation for art. They are the ultimate puzzles.  In some ways, they remind me of the Rubiks Cube.  With the Rubiks cube,  we have a picture of it having 9 squares of like colors on all six sides and we solve for this image we have in mind.  The same applies to the camera.   Once I have a picture in mind, I make the necessary adjustments to the lens and to one or more features on the camera itself – f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO. All the while, I am making the most of the available lighting and/or adding more. The camera is rolled, pitched and yawed until everything is perfect. I press the button, examine the shot and repeat. And each new shot requires a new solution. It never gets old.

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